Ask Syncopated Beat


h e l p   m e 


But I ain’t gone, yo! Lemme use this ask here to explain the hiatus since it’s kinda relevant.

There’s two mods for me these days, since mod B has been working on other art and other blogs. Mod Z really wants to keep me active (But was taken hostage by another obsession for a while yo. Not cool, I know.)

But hopefully mod Z will keep me active to some extent, and probably drag in mod B to draw every once in a while (her art is better, imo).

I’ll answer a couple more of these dusty old asks first, then I’ll open the box for new ones! Sound good yo? 

A little notification for anyone that might be interested in this fatass.

I walked in on Gum once.


He’s already got his own gravitational pull. Seriously, toss a soda can at him and it’ll circle around his ass.

[gif by askallstars]